Immigration Bail Bonds

If you or any of your friend or acquaintance have been detained and arrested for immigration issues, an immigration bail bond is what you need to release the particular person from the custody till they are made to appear at the court.

When an individual is arrested for immigration issues, there are only a handful of ways to get them detained. They can be released on an ankle monitor, an order of supervision, on their own individual recognition, by terminating the removal proceedings or by opting for an immigration bond.

The immigration bond is a specific amount of money that is pre-determined by the Immigration and the Customs Enforcement Official or by the Immigration judge. Here, the full amount has to be paid by the detained individual. After the payment of the amount, the detained individuals are further required to appear for the removal proceedings.

Paying for an immigration bond

An immigration bond can be either paid through a surety bond or a cash bond. For the surety bond the friends and family of the detained individual will have to work with an immigration bond agent for procuring a surety bond. About 10-20% of the bond amount is charged, and the money furnished at the beginning is mostly non-refundable.

For the cash bond, the friends and family of the detained individual will have to pay the entire bond amount in cash. This is not only time consuming, but also monetarily hassling as the money is only refunded after the detained individual has attended all the relevant hearings in the immigration court.

Why should you choose an immigration bond? 

By choosing our immigration bond solutions, you get an opportunity to release the acquitted individual almost immediately. We come with the best Federal immigration bonds with absolutely no yearly fees for renewal (depends on the percentage of the bond amount). Our experts are bilingual and can handle your issues flawlessly. Additionally, we also offer same day release for most of the cases.

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